Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Bacon's Not for Burning

Oh, it's a sandwich!
Back to basics.

A while ago, I did a blurb on the sandwich. It was a basic turkey sandwich with all the necessary fixin's. Lately, I've found a new sandwich inspiration that I simply must, must, share with you.

All right, fine. It's just a BLT. Now, before you click away in unhealthy horror, I know what you're feeling. This BLT is different.

A California BLT

Serves one. About 5 min. prep time.

Sizzle sizzle.
Cook three strips of bacon in a frying pan (cast iron is nice) to your liking. Let them drain on some paper towel. Take two slices of multigrain bread and toast them to your liking. In the meantime, rinse and slice one tomato to your liking. Put half in a ziptop bag and stick in the fridge for tomorrow's sandwich. Halve one avocado by slicing until the blade hits the pit, then rotate the knife around the pit until you've made it all the way around. Grip both halves and twist slightly to separate. Remove the pit by firmly chopping into it with the knife then twisting to loosen. Discard the pit. Wrap half the avocado in plastic wrap (again, for tomorrow—or for guacamole!) and mash the flesh in the other half with a fork. (If your avocado is too firm to mash, simply scoop the flesh out onto a cutting board and slice.)

When the toast is ready, it's sandwich time. On one slice of bread, squirt about 1 tbsp. mustard (optional—any spread will do; mustard is nice since it's low in calories. You can also put avocado on both slices instead). On the other slice, apply the mashed (or sliced) avocado. Atop the avocado, layer the bacon, the tomato, and a handful of greens (lettuce is OK, but I really like arugula, spinach, or a mixed green salad). Put the mustard-ed slice on top and apply a little pressure to complete the sandwich. Slice into halves (or quarters) and enjoy!
Avocado > mayonnaise.

Key points:
* Always get fresh, local ingredients if possible.
* Bacon: Go for "natural" selections, read the labels, or get direct from butcher. Try for leaner cuts. (I recommend Boar's Head natural smoked bacon.)
* Calories: Go for quality calories with nutrients attached. Avocados have more value to a body than mayonnaise, and multigrain/whole-grain bread is always better than plain old white.

The Lady's Not for Burning is a romantic comedy in three acts by Christopher Fry, written entirely in verse. Premiered at the Arts Theatre in London in 1949.

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