A Word About the Labels

You may have noticed by now that the posts on An Actor Prepares Lunch are labelled with funny or quirky phrases. They are as follows:
  • Lunch Basics - These are dishes for beginner lunch-makers, or explain basic techniques that produce simple midday meals.
  • Things with Eyes - Anything with eyes (except for potatoes) goes in this category for the meat-eaters among us.
  • Vegetarian Delight - Meat-free dishes. (I am aware of a set of so-called vegetarians who also eat fish; as fish have eyes, they clearly go in the "Things with Eyes" category.)
  • Vegan to the Max - Meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, honey-free dishes. If you see something mis-labelled, please, let me know. This category is dedicated to the young actress I talked about here.
  • In Absentia Gluten - Latin; literally, "in the absence of glue." Here you'll find gluten-free recipes, or those that are easily adapted to be. This category is dedicated to a student and friend of mine, Ashley, who is usually disappointed when I bring baked goods to the theatre.
  • No Moo Juice - Dairy-free dishes for the lactose-uninterested.
  • Eat My Shorts - These are short entries, oftentimes not recipes but thoughts relating to food, the kitchen, etc. For the reader who, also like my darling wife, has little time to sort through my rambling prose.
You will note, also, that several recipes carry multiple labels, even to the point of apparent contradiction. (For example, "Things with Eyes" and "Vegan to the Max.") This usually means that the recipe is adaptable for all situations; that the recipe contains alternate ingredients to satisfy all those with alternate dietary requirements.

Happy lunching!

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